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Our candles in your home...

Fired Scent is dedicated to the memory of our Mum - a beautiful lady who filled our childhood home with love, memories and fragrance. We hope to share our cherished moments, by filling your home with carefully crafted scents that you will remember for a lifetime.

Cath & Stephen x

Why buy a Fired Scent candle or wax melt?

At Fired Scent we want you to be happy with your purchase. That is why every product we craft uses eco friendly soy wax, beautiful fragrances and are created carefully and attentively – hand-poured in the UK at our small, family business. We test all of our products thoroughly to ensure that they are of the highest quality in appearance, scent-throw and safety.

Are Soy Wax candles better than Paraffin candles?

The short answer is Yes. Soy Wax is a natural product that contains nothing artificial and comes from a plant-based renewable resource (soya beans). Paraffin Wax is a byproduct of Petroleum Oil, which is a derivative of a fossil fuel. Soy wax burns at a lower temperature; burns more cleanly than it’s paraffin counter-part and does not contain toxins or pollutants that are found in paraffin wax. Some manufacturers choose to use paraffin wax because there is a belief that it produces a stronger scent-throw than Soy Wax, however, if the correct Soy Wax (and sometimes blend) is used then Soy Wax can provide more than enough scent throw.

Are candles or wax melts better?

Some people prefer scented candles and others prefer wax melts. Both are amazing options for infusing your home with beautiful aromas and fragrance – but there are some differences... 

Candles are a perfect luxury gift – they burn longer and give off a beautiful natural light – making any room feel cosy and warm. 

Scented Wax Melts don’t need an open-flame (if used with an electric wax melt burner), however, the correct Wax will deliver an amazing scent throw (both hot or cold).  

About Us...

Elegant, homely and beautifully fragranced scents is our ethos. We want to invoke aromatic experiences that you and your family will remember for a lifetime - filling your home and promoting your well-being. Whether it’s candles or wax melts, we have a range of scents that will match your mood or inspire a new ambience – each grounded by love, warmth and relaxation.