Collection: Wax Melts

What are Wax Melts and why buy them?

A Wax Melt is a great alternative to a traditional candle, which doesn’t require a naked flame. The Wax Melt can be placed on a Wax Melt burner (whether heated by a Tea Light or electric) that gently heats the wax to create a beautiful scent-throw.

What makes a great Wax Melt?

Wax Melts come in different shapes, sizes and scents. Using smaller Wax Melts provides the opportunity to experience a scent for a desired amount of time, by adding more Wax Melts as required. Using smaller Wax Melts allows for changing the scent more frequently and this is often preferred as opposed to using larger Wax Melts, which will have a longer minimum burn time. The wax used for Wax Melts is usually different from wax used for candles, in order to achieve a strong scent-throw and easier cleaning.